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Mobile Tents

Along with conducting a lot of interactive activities to do in Jaisalmer for our visitors, we also like to give as many options as possible, considering the budget, luxury, and overall experience that each of our visitors are looking for at Jaisalmer desert camp. We have included mobile tents in the range of accommodation for those who prefer adventurous experience over luxury in Jaisalmer.

The tents are set up in the sand dunes with campfires in Jaisalmer nearby, making the entire experience unique in its own way. Guests can choose to have dinner and stay near the campfire, all in one place. The mobile tents can be set up as per the visitor’s requirement. Feel the aura of this enchanting desert land of Jaisalmer with breathtaking views of clear sky and sand dunes at night.

Highlights of mobile tents -

  • They are comfortable, easy to set up anywhere in the desert.
  • It includes a common washroom for mobile tents.
  • Comfortable mattresses and warm blankets are available in the tent.
  • The accommodation is comfortable for 02 adults per tent.