Jaisalmer is the prominent travel destination of India. Jaisalmer is a unique state which mixes historical importance, natural beauty, and extravagant culture all in a single place. This place has something special for every tourist who visits India. Jaisalmer can be considered as a doorway to a spiritual and romantic Rajasthan desert tour. Described as a city at the heart of the golden desert, it is amongst those exotic destinations which tempt honeymooners towards itself with charming sights full of romance and beauty. This city is popular for its fascinating desert culture, folk dance, good food, beautiful forts, palaces, and monuments.

Jaisalmer attracts tourists from all corners of the world to see its golden monuments and historical forts. The sun-baked land with amazing fortification has been home to many kingdoms from early times. Forts were added century after century to protect the people living in this city. Desert Camping in Jaisalmer is a unique way of experiencing the real beauty of the Thar Desert. The desert land offers the best opportunity to connect with yourself and your loved ones in such an unadulterated environment. There aren’t any desert camping tours to be found on the Internet, at least not any that provide all the information you need. So, fear not! Enjoy all the beauty of desert camping and its many perks with Marvin because as we know, there is no greater feeling than being out there under the wide-open sky. 

Joyful Camel Safari in Jaisalmer is an exclusive desert activity where travelers can get intimate with the beauty of the Thar Desert. Soaring high and trotting smoothly on feet, camels make a special treat for Indian tourists. A camel ride in Jaisalmer is quite different from your typical camel safari experience. Because Jaisalmer is a desert city, its camels are more adept at roaming around the dunes of the Thar Desert. The dunes of Jaisalmer are also far more enticing than your usual Australian or African desert encounter..

Desert camping tour in Jaisalmer safari is a part of camel safari Jaisalmer packages. It is a fun-filled and adventurous desert camping experience. If you are really looking for a one of its kind thing to do then this desert camping trip is what you are looking for. You can plan Camping Site Luxury Swiss Tents with Marvin

Joyful Desert Camping Tour In Jaisalmer is the first choice for many adventure lovers and honeymoon couples; the most adventurous tour that you can explore the unseen hidden treasures of the Jaisalmer desert. Camel safari in Jaisalmer has always been a favorite for tourists because it’s a comfortable way to explore the Thar Desert. The camp is set under the stars in the desert, a great combination of safari and camping where you sleep with the sound of dunes instead of traffic horns and maddening crowds. We have organized joyous family desert camping tours for the last several years. We have developed a name of trust and reliability among most of our desert camping clients from across the globe.


  • A Hat, Cap Or Turban
  • Fully-charged camera battery
  • Toilet paper and a towel
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Torch
  • Medical kit (just in case)
  • A big smile and a positive attitude
  • In the winter, warm clothes for night-time
  • Long-sleeve shirt, long trousers, sneakers or other type of sturdy shoes. Remember, the sun is fierce!

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